Use 'Spectacles' to unlock the value of the members of your team and improve your bottom line. 

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Spectacles help people to see themselves with clarity and help businesses to thrive.

If you can view your life with clarity, you can make better decisions about activities that you take part in.  If you can make better decisions, then you are more likely to be successful at whatever you do.  Putting to one side the play on words, I believe that we as professionals can achieve so much more if we can see ourselves with better clarity.  We would take more responsibility for our actions and emotions, whilst constantly striving to improve ourselves and our performance. 

Naturally this will provide advantages for ourselves as well as the organisations that we work within.

I am a qualified and experienced business coach and I work with managers of charities and businesses worldwide. I stimulate ideas, I facilitate engagement, improve employee communication and improve the effectiveness of those organisations that work with me. 

I challenge individuals and teams to look at who they are, what they have and what they could do better through experiencing coaching.  With more than 20 years experience in the areas of science, sales and marketing, I am particularly effective in boosting the performance of managers in the following areas of work;

Science and technology.

Sales and marketing.


For information on how coaching is so valuable to organisations,  click here.

My work also extends beyond management with my innovative Work Place Catalyst Program for employees who are preparing for management.

I invite you to contact me to explore how my work can evoke a transformation in your organisation.

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John Hicks

E -     M - 07502 207 233